Fire in me

Standing at the sink, ears open to the news starting on tv

Regular stuff. Regular stuff. Regular stuff, then

Massive fire in India killing people, injuring others.

That’s not Morocco.

India, far away country.

Wait, INDIA? But I know people there! I have to check on them to see if they’re safe!

Wait, why should I? What if I do and they’re not injured, will that make me feel relieved?

Will I have that: “Thank God it’s not them, and continue living like nothing happened” reaction?

But wait, if THEY are not injured, OTHERS surely are!

Does it means that I truly care only about the people I know personally?

But I could have known other people than the ones I do know now..

I know A, I met them randomly.

If I knew B instead of A, I would have cared about B and not A.



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