Economist’s arena

Professionals performing what is known by ‘business smiles’

Life is an arena. It is a place and time for constant battle. Some fight to win, some to remain and survive, some to lose, they sacrifice. Whatever our motives are, whether instinctively or willingly, it’s a known fact that the fight that is burning in our insides will never extinguish, no matter how heated it is. It’s completely useless to imagine that the past may be resurrected unscathed and whole, certainly we can change people’s perspectives and views, and redirect their path through their conviction of our words, the words they received in various ways , but can we make things against what they are?

That’s the fault some parents often fall into. They express, whether explicitly or implicitly how they don’t hold their kids value, how they think that they were better, cursing how the genetic tree is weakened somehow by all these cellphones and media. Some neglect their children therefore and some might twist them and put them in the mould of change, however neither way nor the other will succeed with the child. What to do ? Try to open to his mind new perspectives of thinking. Be around. You can just talk in front of him, to your wife for instance, and express logic thinking that reflects you and the real you. So these methods are the ones we use to cultivate ourselves and others. Their effectiveness however is limited.

I return to my own point of start. Why would anyone fancy resurrecting the past? In attempting to do so, we want to change the mentality and stop time and relive a period where everyone was at ease of mind and smiling, even through the hardship, where we had expressed before now happiness and had seen it as it is. Maybe we heard of such time when teenagers weren’t as childish and when mature and wise grown-ups were idols to them. When the majority had a strong belief in the importance of the moralities and good virtues a society has to act upon.

The world I laid before you was the past, where life wasn’t as negative an experience as it is now, and the realisation gets us to understand that life isn’t in nature hard and influencing in the negative of ways, what we live now is a result of a serie of unfortunate things that happen to be imposed and inflincted at us, as human beings searching for our happiness, and as a society seeking a peaceful life for its children.

You now ask your self : “Wait ! This guy tricked us into believing that he would talk about the coporate world and its issues. I’m off. “

For those who have the same thought, and those who were about to think it through, please stick with me until the end. Why ? Because the intro I’ve written is a true gate to use to transfer to what’s in your mind, and mine about the corporate world.

It never occured to me before this year that university students are a miniatures to real life company workers, and believe it or not, even high schoolers are the same in some respect. I always thought though that a school comrades are a miniature of society itself, but my new idea shocked me.

There is a lot of talking about changing yourself in order to succeed, to adapt and then twist the situation to your benefit, gain. Some started small and began to expand his business. Some fought their way and made it where they are supposed to be. We’re including these guys in our constructive chit-chat, but later on.

Company workers. If you work in a company and read this you absolutely know that there are people in your team work that skulk and freeze the work with their lazy irrespectable attitude towards you and your surroundings. You’re new in the job, adapt and go with the flow, but don’t trust no one, for some of your colleagues will do any thing to surpass you, will try to intimidate you. Some students face this fact in the ‘bring the tea/coffee’ or ‘do my job and check these accounts’ training periods they go through, they know now as well.

That’ s the second resemblance to highschoolers.

Of course we do meet all kinds of people inside a company, and not always the hardworker remain, with nepotism around, you hardly have a chance to shine like you thought you would do after making it all the way from the job interviews to the center of the action, the job itself. Yet you see some cases of hardworkers with no paticular background — you know what I’m talking about — making it. The same I experienced in university.

So, why are we fooled into thinking that company workers have better mindsets than us when we are at university or highschool?

I remember that meeting a professional was some thing of a dream, this person made it into a company, and a good one, a nice salary, a business car… Indeed some professionals, some of them you meet in seminars and forums, those who are unafraid to show their great potential, they may be the real deal. They dealt with most of the hardcore situations we encounter with intelligence, that is why they’re here, showing their stuff. But why not telling us the truth, through seminars and opportunities of speech they have ?

Tutors and cultivaters do warn, but if their warning is vague, we might be over-confindent in our selves thinking about the vie en rose in a company.

Those are social problems we encounter. It’s not unfathomable !

Honestly, and naturally, we want to know who is to hold responsible . Obviously the company itself for having such an agressive competitive system, the chairman’s board and the people who control the company have a huge role in shaping society in the way they desire.

I had a talk with some of the teenagers last year about ways to gain money and I brought an example to the conversation :

Me : ‘Have you heard about the so-and-so inventor who decided to sell his invention to the US ?’

The teen : ‘Yes, I have heard so. A lot of inventors and worthy people tend to go to the US, and I mean, we all know the reasons.

Me : ‘Enlighen me.’

The teen : ‘Well, in a place where infrastructures barely makes it after long sessions of rain, wild accidents we hear of every day, corruption and greed filling the companies’ officials and public agents, what future would you own ? Sole, unprotected, what’s going to happen to your work? Get stolen, probably, be killed for wanting to stay.’

Me : — There is some reason in what he said, but ‘ what about the people in here needy of the invention ? you know that the US (an example, it can be any powerful country or intervenant) won’t help the people here and will probably use it against the people ?

The teen : ‘Aren’t you mistaken ? I’ll lose my life and work. However in exchange of giving them what they want, I’ll live and prosper. I have a family to aid too, you know? Ain’t that what corporate world is all about, gain ?

Sadly, he was right, but was mistaken equally when sacrifice seemed this absurd. A bunch of people have the same thinking and I would understand, but saying these harsh things in such an age… Having this pragmatic view of life is highly promoted. People now ask for easy gain, they don’t mind stealth or corruption or, or…, in order to get what they want. I read in an article the other day that some chairmen have criminal tendencies, it’s a result of the mindset made popular by highly influencing people who are sending the message of fame and money are the priority, and in such a shaken moment as this one in most countries, people believe it.

There are other reasons to make the corporate world the way it is now. I talked a lot about society and how each member in it must insert good values in the youth, like patience and hard work. The tutors then naturally hold their part in this mess or the whole educational system who moulds students into the monotone shapes of Accountant, lawyer, Docter, Economist.. Instead of carpenter, artist, musical genius… We have to stay optimistic people, and in the same time know and fully be aware of the hardships of the future.

If you were stuck in a job unwillingly (for financial issues for instance) try your hardest to complete the job given to you and at the same time find a way out, create your own or go find yourself elsewhere with the least damage possible. Yes, you may endure unemployment my friend, but patience. It’s not absurd what I say and don’t make excuses as to not believe it. The words I say are only borrowed from more knowledgeable people.

Well let’s return to the topic in question. Why has the coporate world taken this turn ? Well, historically, it’s widely known that some ideologies that were born in the ninteeth century or before that period, in the period of mercantilism also, were quite dangerously used such as capitalism, the theory of Malthus, taylorism, fordism… Well, the only change is that even people who are known of not being well-off, they are of the low class of society or the middle one whose range started to decrease dramatically, they seem to have adopted the same thoughts that the Government that made their life harder and adapted with it ! Unbelievable irrationality !

You might think I have dark thoughts, but it’s my approach, attempt, to be more precise, to convey the truth as I can. I may have missed a ton of ideas I would like reading in the comments.

Who would think companies and crime might become related ? Well, most of the companies , not all of them,; the experience of Semler was, and still absolutely stunning !

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Dear readers,

Thank you for honouring me and reading what I have to say. I’m an economist whose mission is the same as yours : Understanding more and learning more for the benefit of one’s self. I would like to read what you have to say too about your experience in the corporate world or generally in the professional world. How was your journey? What issues did you face ?