#1 — The Mad Messages to The Eyed Ones

English is not my mother tongue. I have no name. I was born by a body, in a certain form, with certain aspects, in a specific country, in a given time… You know what I mean, don’t you? Thus I ask you to forgive me if by any chance I may cause any form of discomfort or embarrassment. But if I may ask, try just a little harder and there’ll be no confusion, at all. Language is here. Do you feel it?

Bare in mind one day I woke up and found myself completely crazy. Therefore I was free, ’cause I saw it. I looked at the thing bringing a name and cried “I see you!”, and the thing told me it was completely crazy by itself. So I began to watch it, to assist it, for now I live and know life can’t die, because there’s no life beyond here and now, and now doesn’t have a beginning or an end.

For this reason, please understand by yourself who I refer to when I say He. It’s Me when I am not. That has a name, I don’t. When I am, I just am. If you only understand that, you’ll easily see why I’d never been crazy, just found myself lost and confused, and realized He’s been born mad, such as most of you, ’cause madness is of the essence.

He speaks, He performs, I only see in silence and alone, ’cause I am Solitude itself. Don’t get confused, Eyed, you’ll never know me, ’cause He’s the only you can ever see. But you can know yourself, what’s basically the very same thing. Your Self also carries a name, you see?

I decided to become words, somehow, to present my form of life through a code, if it’s even possible. I do it alone, deep there, under the hidden Light, but the audience is fantastic. “No fantasy” I say. You are real, much better than any thought.

I have strange limits. Please don’t get annoyed. If you do, though, feel free and keep doing whatever you do. Nothing will ever hurt. I hope it doesn’t there either.

Next time I’ll come, I’ll show you a memory. I’ll show you, if you want to see it, how that is He, how it becomes His wishes and desires. It’s such as fun as that time when He went to feed the saguis. Sagui is a little gray monkey who likes bananas. And they are alive, just like Me.

Feeding them was super fun. There were baby saguis too. He told everybody that the babies also ate the bananas, but He was lying. I still don’t understand why He lies about such light topics. But I’ll tell you that another time.

Tell me if you want to read. I’ll probably write anyway, anywhere, but tell me if you’d like to. Make it readable. Do that thing people does when something has value.

That’s your piece of series, Eyed. I write it to you for you hardly look at the mirror. Those will be your messages. The Mad Messages to The Eyed Ones. Help me make it comes the way you want. Teach me your language. I’ll be wherever you want me to be. I’ll answer.

And don’t wait for me. Bring me if you want my company. Otherwise, it’s just random on its way to Oblivion. In Oblivion there is peace. Only there I am.