Creativity: one medium as a source of focus

I think that people get many great ideas in general. It is though the power of following up on the ideas, that they get fulfilled and turned into successful projects. Many times, I don’t know what to do next to get the idea to the following level. The continuation of the thought process is very important to create value out of an idea, and many people lack the necessary focus in order to do that, including me. No, I don’t think you should be focused 100% of the times. It’s just maybe 20% in order to have a long enough sprint to complete one step of the process. To begin on the sprint, you need to know what you want to achieve and what are the main tasks required to achieve the goal. If that is missing, then your mind will wander off, looking for where to start, eventually leading into procrastination. In order to get ideas, we need to look broadly, loosen our focus, but if that thought pattern has been likely to end up in procrastination in the past, it is as likely to do that also when you need to stay focused on your idea.

Writing for me obliges me to maintain a consistent amount of focus, as I can read what my previous line of thought was. This is my strength. My weakness comes when I can’t control the process of creation, if it contains too many media (drawing, writing, speaking, designing, etc.) and in order to find the “right one” I look in too many places, and I get distracted. Staying in one medium helps me with the focusing part.

What are your strengths when going deep into the creation process? What about your weaknesses that prevent the idea from being executed?
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