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Many universities require students to interview with alumni or faculty as part of the college application process. While the interviewer will ask most of the questions, students should be prepared to ask questions of their own at the end of the interview. Asking your own questions allows you to learn more about the college as well as demonstrate your interest and commitment to the school.

Why did you choose to attend this school?

If your interviewer is an alumnus, this question can help you figure out if your vision of the campus aligns with that of the interviewer.

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Experience required: for many college seniors, this small asterisk on job applications can set off blaring alarm bells in their minds. For some, college is all fun and games until graduation day looms near and their blank resumes stare accusingly back at them. Universities should certainly be places for personal and academic growth, but they should also train students for the “real world,” in which graduates will be expected to use skills learned at school to succeed in a career. …

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Like a regular section of the SAT, the World History Subject Test allows for a score of 200–800 points. The test requires students to answer 95 multiple choice questions about world history within a 60 minute time frame.

Take it after you’ve taken a world history class

While you can take a subject test without having taken a class on the subject, SAT II tests are competitive and require comprehensive background knowledge. If your school offers AP World History or another world history course, take the exam after you have completed the course and still have the knowledge fresh in…

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In the age of computers and short attention spans, reading comprehension skills are becoming increasingly rare and increasingly valuable. Unlike skills like high-level math, which many students may not regularly use after graduation, reading comprehension is a lifelong necessity for both a successful career and a fulfilling personal life. If you’re trying to improve your SAT or ACT score or simply looking to be a better reader, try these tips for better reading comprehension.

Upgrade Your Literature

Although there is nothing wrong with young adult fiction, Harry Potter can only get you so far when it comes to reading comprehension practice. If you…

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020! If you haven’t made your annual resolutions yet, it’s not too late! Consider pursuing these goals this year to become a better student.

Reduce screen time

Most of us struggle to control how much time we spend staring at our phone screens, our laptops, and our televisions. If you want to improve your academic performance, you will most likely have to cut down on the amount of time you waste on your phone each day. …

Is Applying to Ivy League Schools Worth It?

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For some students, applying to an Ivy League school is a no-brainer. You’re smart, you’re driven, you’re competitive, and you want the resources, intensity, and reputation of the Ivy League. Why not give it a shot? However, this “elite” American club isn’t for everyone; whether or not you can get in, you might be a better fit for a different school! In today’s world, many are questioning whether such a degree is still worth it. If you’re in it for the prestige alone, you may want to rethink your choices. …

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What is a liberal arts college, and why go to one? A liberal arts college is a higher education institution that typically focuses on an interdisciplinary academic experience more centered on the humanities than the hard sciences. Liberal arts colleges are generally smaller, private, and more focused on undergraduate teaching than other, more research-oriented universities. If you’re looking for a college experience that is intensive, individualized, and centered around cultivating the whole person, you should consider attending one of these ten academically rigorous American liberal arts schools.

Pomona College

Pomona College, located near Los Angeles, California, prides itself on its diversity, tight-knit…

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Whether you’re in college now or preparing for university in the coming years, being financially prepared for classes can save you a lot of stress in the future. While tuition is the biggest financial hurdle to overcome, extra spending on expenses like textbooks can quickly add up. If you want to avoid paying exorbitant prices for textbooks, check out these life-saving strategies.

Borrow Books from Friends

If you have any friends or acquaintances who have completed the course you plan to take, ask if they still have their textbooks from last year. Consult upperclassmen or ask members of your favorite…

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Don’t Procrastinate

The sooner you start your paper, the sooner you can get it done. If you start writing the night before your essay is due, you won’t have time to edit deeply and the quality will likely be poor. To limit procrastination, it may be helpful to set deadlines for each stage of the process. Choose dates for initial research, coming up with a topic, writing an outline, and writing drafts, and stick to them!

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Stay Active

Whether you play sports, go for a run after school, sweat through your PE class, go to the gym, or workout in the comfort of your own home, exercising is a vital part of a healthy life. If you’re not active already, a regular commitment might seem daunting, but starting out with small goals can help you to gradually get fit. Staying active will help you live a balanced lifestyle and keep you energized throughout the day.

Fuel your Body

Being a student is hard work, and fueling your body with a proper diet will help you reach your highest potential at school…


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