An awesome edition of Explore DDD in Denver is just finished yesterday and my head is almost exploding: after all the talks, workshops and conversations I had in these few days there are definitely some dots that are screaming to be connected.

The keyword here is Sociotechnical: I first bumped into the word a few months ago thanks to Russ Miles, but the term gained more clarity after listening to Jessica Kerr’s keynote. To be honest, Jessica moved further and proposed one more term: symmathesy — the idea of mutual learning in living systems. …

There is a common anti-pattern in software development that is hidden in plain sight, just waiting for someone to name it.

The time has come and the name is “The Dungeon Master”.

Whenever you embark in an enterprise software development project that involves rewriting some portion of a big legacy system, you might bump into a Dungeon Master. Here are some of the distinctive traits.

  • The Dungeon Master is the author of the original software, that used to support the business in the early days, and still does (albeit with some headaches).


Alberto Brandolini

I like to solve problems and to write software that does that. I’ll flood you with sticky notes and call it #EventStorming. I run

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