Mormonism: Inside and Out
Dan W.

I was also happy to see the dialogue happening, however, I fear there are two issues that will impede the discussion. This is clearly a NonMo/ExMo/FormerMo heavy dialogue. Its basically the dialogue that every member of the church that publicly talks about their disagreements with church leaders want. They want some kind of academic line-by-line response to everything they personally interpret or view is being negative. Mason clearly is dodging much of the murkiness, but JD is using language that could get them mired in ugliness.

The other issue is that Clearly Patrick Mason’s faith is different than a majority of Mormons (at least publicly on social media or in Sunday School) view in the pews. This will always give JD the ability to say, well, you’re different, but if I surveyed 100 people at church they wouldn’t say the same thing you did. This has already been employed and I predict it being a major theme of the dialogue.

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