bike rentals in bangaloreRoad Trip Bangalore to Bilgiri

Bangalore is the undisputed garden city of the South and also the IT capital. It can also be the kick off point to road trips to surrounding destinations. One such location is Biligirirajan Hills, shorted to Biligiri, located just 200 km from the city. It is the perfect destination should you wish to use your bike or rent a bike in Bangalore for one memorable road trip.

You could drive on a puny 100 cc bike but when you have a Bullet or, better still, a Harley from bike rental in Bangalore under you, the distance dissolves. Heavier bikes go faster and hold rock steady. Get to the best agency that offers bikes for rent in Bangalore and get on your Harly.

Route from Bangalore to Bilgiri

You start from Bangalore and proceed to Bidadi. Enjoy a brief stop and chug chug your way to Channpatna and then burn rubber to Kabblu, Shivanasamudra and Kollegala. The road now turns from a flat carpet to a slope as you approach BR hills. Depending on the season, it can be blisteringly hot in summer or cool in winter so gear up accordingly but do not forget a helmet. Finally you arrive and stop by the BR Forest Lake to rest, admire the deer and follow the path to take in the sights.

What to do

Most people usually visit Biligiri for a darshan at the temple of Lord Rangasamy. You can obtain his blessings if you are so inclined or roll down to the Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary. Park your bikethat you have obtained from bike rental in Bangalore, take out your camera and trek in the jungle. Kattari betta is the highest hill inside the sanctuary famed as the hideout of Veerappan. It is possible to sight tigers if you are in luck. You may come across a river and fish in it or just take off your shoes and wet our feet. It can be chillingly relaxing. Hungry? It is time for some chow.

While in the south..

Dine on typical south Indian fare at the Mayura Prakriti restaurant. You can, thankfully, get both vegetarian and non-veg stuff. Dhole’s den is another place serving yummy food and the Tusker Trails deserves a dekko for its ragi muddle, rava idli and averakkai sambhar or Calicut pomfret if you love fish. There are no regular restaurants as such but resorts have attached restaurants where you can have your fill of wholesome food. Pack some snacks in the pannier of the Harley you obtained from bikes for hire in Bangalore and chug along. By 4 PM you may want to take the return trip to Bangalore to arrive by nightfall.

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