The Snowflake Diaries: On ‘Mansmalling’
Luke O'Neil

Perhaps its time we all started to calm down and stop over thinking everything. If we all could be a bit more aware of others personal/physical space without mentally macing ourselves when we think we crossed someones boundaries that'd be nice too….

But I guess that's the crux of human social behaviors so far we are either ignorant of others or or lost in data overload…

I’m an overthinking anxiety riddled fool so I get alot of it.

I’m also not fond of general SJW mentalities but there's alot of things humans do that bother me. Looking at things with ethics and neutral fairness from a non subjective standpoint I tend to see it all as data which is reinforced via my learning disabilities and how I process data. Facts and statistics can help gauge it but true equality, like hard truth, tends to chafe everyone.

Respect is something we lost I am sure it started with air conditioning and our communities becoming more focused on individuals rather than the whole.TV has helped that as has internet/cell phones. In a sense we’ve become the small government wing nuts wet dream of highly individual people. But we are not individualistic rather somewhere along the line we traded the warmth of community for colder more static and stagnate group identity that seem to be in life or death struggles to fit in the big box of normality that offers little space for all. Humans clamor and revere normality and fuss and fight and hurt others never realizing that normality is lie, a falsehood and child's blanket. Humanity is so randomly dynamic we have no need for normality if we could respect each other and not bring others down for our own gain then there would no need to fight over the normal box and all the other labeling systems we invent…. we’d just simply be human…..

Humans are heading animals so I guess that's just part our nature still we need to learn to get over it and ourselves a bit and learn to live together on the boat called earth…

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