I Tried 98 Video Editing Apps and These Are by Far the Best 5

Out of a hundred apps, these are the ones that creatively elevate the possibilities of your home & smartphone videos

1. Glitché

Glitché is a downright bizarre app. It took a while to orient myself with it, but once I figured out the controls, the possibilities were downright astonishing.

There are over 60 options for photo and video editing: glitches, color or pixel’d distortion, filtered alterations, VHS, blur, grid-like or polygon structures, simple cropping, and even strobe lighting. Glitché makes any picture or video into something unusual and fantastic. Although it sometimes crashes, Glitché is one of the most progressive and creative editing apps out there.

2. Boomerang

Embracing the captivating aesthetics of the gif, Boomerang captures 1–3 seconds of video and loops them. Although it’s too short to be considered informative video content, Boomerang’s moving pictures add an unexpected motion to an otherwise typical photo.

Boomerang works in coordination with Instagram, making it easy to film and upload to the platform. However it also saves the moving image as an MP4, which means you can use it on other platforms too!

3. VHS Cam

If you ever had a case of ’90s nostalgia, VHS cam is the app for you. The basic filter adds grains, color distortion, a time-date stamp, and the possibility for titles and old school-style zoom. Videos and clips look authentically retro and yes, it’s really that convincing — so much so, that my dad thought I had filmed my videos with a real camcorder.

For those who fuss over quality, VHS cam has an optional range of 480, 720p or 1080p video resolution, a frame rate between 23–30, and a widescreen setting. This means the videos produced with VHS cam are of an unusual high quality, as most apps use compression to save smaller space. The app works in both selfie and regular film mode, however it rotates the screen so that you must film horizontally — a decision which is known to increase the quality of your video and allows the video to be used on a variety of screens (other than a smartphone).

4. Snapchat

Snapchat’s filters have not only developed a stronghold within the incognito Generation Z but have a tested mainstream appeal from celebrities to brands. Many of the filters are known to modify facial structures and even alter skin appearance, yet users celebrate the wide and rotating range of filter options and social-networking possibilities.

While most users share the video within the app, it’s actually possible to download the video and reuse on multiple platforms. Sharing a Snapchat video is a great way to build trust and community with an audience — if not, to just have fun taking a weird video.

5. zipstrr

Ok wow, I know it’s cliché — it’s our app, very predictable that we are trying to promote it. 😒

But for real, zipstrr is a handy compilation app which allows a wide variety of users to collaborate on a video — not just one person alone. It can work in coordination with events, brands, or content-campaigns because it allows users to share video and produce a video collage. Within the app, you can scramble the order, delete clips, and add music — there are no aesthetic editing functions, but you can always upload pre-edited video downloaded from any of the apps above and more!

written by Olivia — the social media strategist for zipstrr.

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