If You’re in the Travel Industry, User-Generated Content Is Your Next Big Break

Learn how to harness the influential of power of user-generated content in the travel industry

zipstrr captures your best and most important angle: their perspective

Your guests document just about every second of their vacation — 
whether they’re taking pictures in the tourist quarters, filming their escapades at bars, or cuddling on the couch back at the hostel.

These are the moments they will remember & the reasons why they left home in the first place.

Ever wished you could have access to this amazing content for your social media?

(we thought so…)

User Generated Content is increasingly important in all online content and social media campaigns. Why? Studies have found that 70% of consumers value recommendations from their peers more than professionally generated content. It’s not hard to understand: peers have no reason or motivation to misrepresent, whereas professional content only shows the product or experience in its best (most contrived) light.

This is increasingly true for millennials and concerning their interactions with the travel industries: 32–39% of millennials will not complete a purchase for hotel or travel accommodation without seeing some source of UGC. (As a millennial myself, I think that number is actually much lower than reality — I don’t know anyone who would complete a purchase w/o UGC).

On top of that, UGC is a great way to drive interest and engagement on various platforms — incorporating it not only assures already interested, potential customers but it can generate interest as well!

But what this means for you is that if you don’t have some source of content that is developed by your guests or clients on your social media platforms, then you will be out-of-luck in the travel seasons to come.

Competitors may not even have a better product than you, but if they have higher quality or quantity UGC, then they will be stealing your traffic and customers because they appear to be offering a better experience.

So how do you generate content from your guest?

There are ton of innovative social practices that you should immediately begin implementing:

  • Encourage guests to use a hashtag while they are staying with you or using your services. You can search this hashtag over time to engage with guests and ask them if you are allowed to reblog or share these photos or videos on your various platforms. Always link to their instagram to give them credit & to let other users know the person is real!
  • Be sure the hashtag is specific enough that it won’t be interfered with from other users — but not so specific that people will forget to use it.
  • Tend dutifully to relevant platforms like Hostelworld, Yelp, and other sources of UGC because your customers will be looking at these too. Be sure to answer questions and apologize if someone left a bad review.
  • Think about how to implement strategic brand practices that revolve around User Generated Content.
  • And for your next video marketing campaign, try using an app to collect video content…

not only does zipstrr let you see what they see but share it on your online platforms in order to drive purchases & engagment

Zipstrr is a mobile social sharing app that builds video collages from any number of users. It allows you to access video content from as many guests as possible and use their video for your online presence. Whether you are a hotel with a killer beach view or a hostel in the old part of town, compiling videos of your guests’ actual experiences may be the deciding factor for your future customers.

And knowing the value of UGC in today’s online market, there is no reason not to try this free app.

It’s super simple to get started — just download the app, start a movie as a director, and share the movie-code with your guests.

Encourage everyone to send you short video clips of their vacation— after all, it’s the shy ones who are usually the shutterbugs. You want to collect as much content as possible for the video!

And don’t worry if your guests send you too much content. (In general, too much content is never a problem). We provided an editing interface which lets you select and download only the best clips & zips, and even allows you to add music.

All users have the option to film with zipstrr or upload their favorite videos later — this means anyone can get involved. No excuses.

Once the video is completed, you have personally-driven and hyperrealistic video made out of exclusively* user generated content for your next marketing campaign.

*if you want, you can always send in your own videos to the zip movie as well in order to integrate a professional perspective as well.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the amazing videos that have already been made by zipstrr.

guests want to know you have the best access, the best view, the best food nearby: why not simply show them that you do?

A few tips before you get started:

  • To collect the best content, give your guests a creative incentive to send you their videos — free drinks will put them in a good mood or prizes for the best zip will make them competitive.
  • If you plan to collect a month’s worth of videos, you will want to make sure you set a deadline is set that far away. Once the deadline is reached, the film is over and the code will change.
  • Be sure to pick a compelling photo & intriguing title — get your guests excited to use zipstrr!
  • Remember: they need the code for the app to work, so be sure to write it down for them and put it in a well-lit place.
  • We also provide strategic content consultation, so reach out to us if you need any advice or zipstrr management.

written by Olivia — 
the social media strategist for zipstrr.

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