Problem Solved

One of my biggest problems is that I tend to have way too many different chains of thoughts and ideas in my head at once and they are most likely irrelevant to each other. Having this problem usually keeps me away from focusing on what I really need to work on, especially for a day dreamer like me. I have learned that there is no good in having lots of good ideas but failing to organize them and taking real actions long time ago, but shamefully enough, I never really tried to find ways or do anything to it. Eventually, I amazed myself today because I figured that I could deal with this problem by typing my scrambled thoughts out here, so I would have to force myself finish each idea one by one before resuming back to my initial focus without having to think (too much) about other unrelated topics. I’ve learned that celebrating each small successful step can actually turn into an unexpectedly amazing self-motivation. Because now I can say “Well, at least I did something today.”

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