High Quality Materials Roller Blinds Outdoor By Ziptrak.com.sg

Outdoor Blinds in Singapore is a good building block for existing or new windows already fitted. They are made-to-measure quality materials imported from Singapore countries.

Our company is among the most experienced in the offer range of Roller Blinds Outdoor, drives and control systems. Roller shutters are manufactured directly tailored to the customer’s requirement. Our technicians regularly attend training on the latest technology shutters and control electronics. So we successfully provide the best solutions and long-term satisfaction with the system shutters.

By variation of embodiment it is now possible to use aluminum blinds for all kinds of window openings. Aluminum blinds are for its users a wide range benefits. Next to excellent sun protection as protection against heat loss and noise. Aluminium shutters protect windows against the construction of weathering and thus prolong their lifespan.

Depending on the application divided aluminum Roller Blinds Outdoor, concealed and hood. Blinds Because of its construction can be used in virtually all types used today, windows and doors. Outdoor Blinds Singapore have good sound and heat insulation properties and therefore in winter, significantly reduce the cost of heating and warm periods of up to 90% of solar radiation. All elements of blinds are surface treated colors characterized by high resistance to abrasion.

Our blinds are manufactured with controlled mechanical, electric motor to switch or Remote Control Blinds Singapore, spring or crank. If necessary, we can increase security by adding shutters lock or a mechanical latch. To expand the functionality of blinds we are included in their bids and blinds with integrated mosquito nets.

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