24th February 2016

The arrival of competition brings out the best in both companies.

Almost 10 days since the last blog update. I’m sorry for that.

We achieved quite a lot in the last ten days. Not nearly as much as we hoped to. Firstly , We began marketing our call for aggregators. A concept by which we rent out vehicles that belonged to students before. We strike a deal with vehicle owners to provide vehicle to those who don’t have access. The concept gained quite a post reach , and some replies , enough to hold the market.

We sponsored MUN , that was held in the college. MUN has quite good image in the view of SRM , as well as benificial use for vehicles for internal logistics. We handled the part for internal logistics while they marketed our app for us.
Here is the pamphlet we used in the event-

And some images of the event-

All in all , it was successful marketing strat. We got quite a boost in brand recognition. App downloads still lags behind , its what we are working on.

The other important thing i wish to tell you about is the arrival of competition. We are taking drastic measures to come out on top , in terms of customer satisfaction and retention. Profits go out the window for now. We can hold our own against them for a span of one plus year. Especially considering they invested more than ten times of what we did in the beginning , we still have the ability to take them on.

We have no intention on backing down. We are quite fired up from this turn of events. Let the best company win.

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