Independence Day

15th August 2016

Denying Freedom is Freedom itself?

Re-reading past blogs , i realize how much has changed. Not only in the company , but also in the writing. I like to focus on start-ups in general , rather than our progression. Something i’d like to amend , hence blogs shall be divided into both parts equally , starting from our progression.

Independence day today , something that instills a form of pride with us , also major factor that instills happiness is it’s Monday. And a Holiday. This Independence day has been quite benificial for us , as it has extended the two day weekend to a three day one. Business is Booming. We didn’t even open our outlet on Sunday , there were no vehicles to give. Everything was booked for a long time. Wishing our customers a happy independence day on our social media , as well as in person is done , no offers given today as we don’t need to.

Other than this , this past weekend , we have been a part of the SRM Indian Energy Conference as sponsor for the event. Just a Markting play , we wanted to get word out about ZIPy to the first and second years. Nothing too exciting , just something to increase market , and to increase app downloads.

Chennai is as hot as always , SRM is as busy as always. 8 AM classes on weekdays , party scenes on weekends. Our sales didn’t decrease during the CTs , something we didn’t expect. Sometimes things go right when you don’t expect them to.

Everything is a bit organized now. Operations are smooth , the single biggest obstacle has been covered. We can now focus on Marketing and Tech. Running a Start-up like this one embeds its name deep into your skull. Every oppurtunity recognized during bare minimum social play that we encounter,by chance or not, is only due to ZIPy deep in our minds. Not sure if it’s a positive influence on personal life.

But perhaps this is how it’s supposed to be. Maybe one day we’ll look back and still regret we could’ve done more. This feeling is already so recurrent now , i don’t know how much will it be in the future. We’re dedicated now , all aligned towards a single purpose. Internal politics eludes us , everybody now understands. Productivity is at all time high , so is pride.

Maybe Ishould’ve written the blog regularly to track myself.