Operation Dreamteam

26th January 2016

Better to know which way is forward before moving forward

Republic Day.

There are no holidays for a startup. There are only marketing opportunities.

Picking up from where we left off , our “protagonists” now succesfully complete the early morning operations , and deliver the final 5 am order ,not to say that they didn’t take any trips to the famous-amongst-students tea stand every now and then. Back of their mind is the fact that they have a meeting at 11:30 am with the new army they are building. So they do what is logical - They procrastinate for one hour.

Sleep hits like a truck at six . The Alarm hits like a train at nine , and once again, red eyed and pissed , the four guys- Avinash , Abhisar , Abhinav and Shashank get ready and go towards our newly acquired “office” , in high hopes. Now that all our vehicles are out in service , we walk , while cursing of course. By 11:45 , most of our interns arrive , and the meeting starts. The CEO explains our service and concept , our future plans from scratch again , to them. Of course the most memorable part of his speech is the “Aloo Potato” reference , unexpected yet sensible. We divide the interns by domain and specifically explain their job and obtain their views regarding their work.

The meet gets over by 1 pm , and we return to our home , the tea stall. Already exausted , Avinash and Abhisar set out to collect the bike in the repair shop , which is delayed by almost one hour. Meanwhile , all the guys organise the interns in whatsapp groups for easier communication. Upon recieving the bike , Avinash and Abhisar leave to the other garage , the one which is 31 km off campus , if you read the last story. The one after the highway and the greenery , in the middle of nowhere. They collect the vehicle from there and return home , the tea stall.

By now the time is 6 pm. Shashank has collected the vehicles gone to Tada Falls at 5 am. He has also thanked all existing gods several times that none of the vehicles broke down.

Already exausted and quite possibly braindead , the CEO and Abhisar take care of a few errands and lie/die down. Shashank goes out to meet our tech genius Sushant to discuss the plans for our new app and its UI , and afterwards curses the fact that he has to write a blog. Some design work and UI is the task at his hand for tommrow , as he is about to lie/die down.

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