The best kind of feeling.

30th January 2016

Work hard enough to compete with the big players in your industry.
Work harder to completely overthrow them.
And then keep working even harder.

Its a kind of an achievement to talk to a respectable organisation for business. In this case , is the MUN group at our college. An organisation well made, providing a stage to everyone for sensible and diligent conferences , in politics. The deal stricken is that we associate ourselves with them as their official travel partner , in exchange for providing transport during the time of the event. A fair deal , considering the amount of publicity we can generate , even to colleges that we aim to expand. Hats of to one of our own , Heerak , for pulling this off.

Only things going in my mind now is the UI , designs and investors. UI development is proceeding smoothly , as are the operations. Holiday time is a good time for business like ours. We generate enough profit to gift T-shirts and bands to our interns. The greatest thing about our start up is we have never had to invest any more money than the initial. All expenses have been covered by our revenue uptil now. Expenses that come so often, we hardly believe we made it till here.

All of us are vehicle experts now. One drive on it and we figure out faults within. Not a skill we were hoping to learn.

One hilarious event that happened recently was a marketing deal with a particular organisation i do not wish to name. An organisation that seemed good at marketing. We approached said group for a deal , to gain contacts for broadcasting across whatsapp and a database of students.

In return , we were asked this and i quote -

“Team of 40

  1. Movie tickets for all
  2. Parker pen for all.(you can have your adv on it)
  3. Dominos treat for all
  4. Our logo on the reciept you give”


Except for point 4 , we were puzzled with what this guy is asking us. Of course, hilarity ensued. And of course , we declined.

You meet strange people while in business.