Vivid Supremacy.

29th January 2016

If you are not tired , you are not doing it right.

So many hours in a day , yet there is no time to breathe. Sleep is a blessing , yet we avoid it to increase productivity. But to what end? Tired minds aren’t productive enough. Lady luck favours those who don’t consider her existence.

Never would we have thought we could reach at a point like this , never do we think we can’t go any farther now. The vivid dreams of supremacy of businesses we only used and admired are just like territories to dominate. Once we extend. Once we reach out to a greater market , we believe we can spread like fire , if everything goes right. Our very own brand-name , now in construction , seems so delightful to think about.

Coming to our daily events , the UI is still being build , looks greats , feels great. We have a minimum daily earning that has been going on since the start of the month , once college starts , we might have to see to increase our market. Marketing seems slow , yet working. We are recieving now customers everyday. Once boost in marketing is all we need. Something that can catch the eye of this college.

The entire day was spent in the temporary incubation cell allotted to us , to build the UI and have a meet with the marketing team. All vehicles are is good shape , and in good , rigourous use.

It would be impossible to think a year ago that we would be putting so many hours to work after exams have ended , and its all worth it , no matter where this goes.

Night-time was learning time and minor desgning for me. Still working on ID cards , and getting posters done from our talented partner is business. We just want them to boost us , so we can boost them so higher up than their peers. Start-ups are chaos. Management of said chaos is what builds us.

Supreme businesses who conquer their industry , is what we hope to become. The hegemon amongst business is what we aim. The vivid dream of supremacy , is what we are going to be to others.

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