Adventures in Sketch

A few days ago, I created my first 4 mockup interfaces in sketch. I designed two for an improvement of the Daily Cal, and two for a sample personal portfolio site.

For the Daily Cal, I wanted to keep the feeling of a news article, but intersect it with a more modern interface. I did this by keeping the news sections in the front in a picture mosaic of different stories, and keeping the menu bar at the top. For the font, I wanted to pick a clean yet professional font, and Charlevoix Pro is a good fit for the intersection between a modern website interface and the traditional news display. For the individual news sections, I wanted to keep the layout very similar to the current news story layout, and just use a slightly cleaner, more modern font, and modern interface display.

For the personal portfolio websites, I wanted to incorporate two styles with two very distinct personalities because they work for different people. The first one, I wanted to create a more unique feel for people who have specific tastes. It’s better for photographer’s to show case artwork, and the theme was inspired by VSCO’s display. The second is meant for a more modern and friendly interface better for graphic designers or artists with a softer personality.

In all honesty, I’m a very amateur designer, and I need to study a lot more principles and user behavior, because a lot of my designs are still based on personal intuition and inspiration from other sources. Stay tuned for more of my design adventures! And check out my Behance, for the full projects! XOXO Ziqi