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What if you learned how to tell your subscribers a story?

Today, it’s an essential part of your loyalty strategy. It’s the central part of your communication and must make your subscribers want to stay connected to your brand. Good storytelling will allow you to create a strong sympathy capital for your brand.

3 good reasons to implement a storytelling strategy

  • to stand out from competitors with a customized editorial approach
  • to boost your visibility by responding in a unique and easily identifiable way
  • to help to retain your subscribers by making them want to know more about your brand’s continued adventures

Brands like Michel & Augustin, Innocent, Oasis and Oreo excel when it comes to storytelling.

5 tricks to implementing an appropriate and effective storytelling strategy

  • precisely identify the target of your storytelling…

What is better than a short video to present the solution ZIQY to the world ? — the ultimate subscription management platform

Have you launched your business by subscription or are you thinking about launching it soon? Then you need to know that churn rate or the attrition rate is a key element to your company’s success and growth. Tips and tricks to maximise your client loyalty and to reduce your churn rate with the ZIQY subscription expert.

What is the churn rate?

We call the rate of loss of your client base the churn rate or the attrition rate. …

The subscription economy is up and running! We are moving from an acquisition economy to a functional economy. Consequently, traditional and e-commerce companies must shift their attention to the future of consumption and adapt their business model to their customers’ new expectations: simplicity, freedom and personalization. The subscription business model is perfectly suited to these expectations and this model should be part of your marketing strategy.

Subscription as a source of freedom for your customers

It may seem paradoxical, but subscribing to a product or service definitely simplifies your customers’ lives and therefore gives them more freedom. Let’s take a very simple example: every week I have to go to the supermarket and buy my pack of water, detergent or coffee. I waste time when I could simply subscribe to the brand in question, which would deliver the products I request depending on my needs. Krys even offers glasses subscriptions which allow you to look after and change your glasses. …

The ZIQY team presents the key points to be taken into account during the construction of your subscription offer. Defining your product offering or subscription service is an essential part of your success.

The challenge will be to keep your product promise so as not to disappoint your customer base but to obtain their loyalty. The challenge is therefore considerable because it is from the satisfaction of your customers that the growth of your subscription business will come.

Create the perfect subscription offer, step 1: the added value of your offer

While providing something different, you must remain faithful to the initial positioning given to your product. To do this, it is imperative to define a clear and precise positioning.

Your positioning corresponds to the precise identification of your box. What makes it unique and allows it to be different from your competitors.

Take the example of GlossyBox and Birchbox. Although they are both dedicated to beauty, they have a precise positioning which enables them to attract different kinds of customers. …

Subscriptions are increasingly becoming a part of our new consumer habits. Greater simplicity, less commitment, greater mobility. The use economy is well underway! The proof? BIC countries have more subscribers than the USA or the UK (80% vs 50%)! Subscriptions are a win-win model for your company: they allow you to easily respond to your clients’ changing demands whilst smoothing out your revenues and maximizing loyalty. Business opportunities at the heart of the subscription economy are massive: discover the major trends in subscriptions for 2017.

The subscription economy in just a few words

We talk of the subscription economy to explain how new business opportunities emerge as our consumer habits change: we own the products. However, we want to benefit from the use of these products. Consequently, there is an entire economy of service by subscription which is emerging. The subscription economy is changing the way in which companies do business: rethinking the relationship with your consumers and offering them new experiences. …

It’s christmas time and we wanted to know how the month of December was impacting online selling subscriptions. Discover our dedicated infographic and learn the key facts of subscriptions at christmas with the expert ZIQY.

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ZIQY, the ultimate subscription management platform : impact of December on online selling subscriptions

User experience is at the heart of all today’s discussions. It has become an integral part of your marketing action plan. A relevant differentiation support and a powerful customer loyalty development tool. Find out how to give your subscribers a great experience.

Subscribers: what is user experience?

The term UX comes from the English User Experience and represents the user’s emotional response towards an interface, object or service. It really is a question of talking about your customer’s emotions:

  • do they like your website?
  • the mobile version?
  • the newsletters that they receive?
  • the tone that you use on social networks?

The experience that you give your subscribers today is omnichannel: both via your interfaces and at the same time via the product or the service that is consumed by subscription. …


ZIQY - the ultimate subscription management platform : we make subscription easy, fast, smart and innovative.

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