Your favourite productivity tip?

On a slow moving Friday, I asked a quick question on Twitter — Your favourite productivity tip? — and here are some of the responses along with my notes.

To-do lists

I use a notebook and pen for my to-do lists. Every morning, I create a to-do list as soon as I step out of the shower. I tick off things as I complete them during the day. (Not that it matters — I use a Muji 0.38 pen and a Muji Notebook, and I love it!)

(Anand meant ‘important task du jour’)

Calendar and ‘No Meetings’ days

‘No Emails’ time

‘No Data’ time

This is a bit extreme. I use ‘no data’ time only to complete the most boring tasks. These tasks have usually been pending on my to-do list for a very long time. You’d be amazed how productive you can be in ‘no-data’ time.

Delegate and the Covey Quadrant

Facebook, Twitter, Notifications

I’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone (I download them when I travel out of city). I use Facebook and Twitter on the web. I’ve switched off notifications for almost all apps, especially Whatsapp.

And finally … Music

Put your headphones on and listen to some good music. Enjoy your work.

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