Importance of Positive attitude

“Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thinking your life become changing”

 Above quote is about positive thinking and positive attitude. And changing of life means positive change occurs in your life. We all are facing different challenges in our daily life might be its tough or normal challenges but one thing is sure we must face challenges. Now the question is arise how we deal with challenges? What attitude is best while we face a challenge? What strategy is helpful while dealing with challenge? The only answer is positive attitude. You need to take every challenge is positive way and never lost your hope.
 According to Helen Keller 
 “Keep focus on sunshine and you cannot see the shadow” 
 That the best method to deal with problems in daily life. Our environment is maters a lot in difficult situation. So try to keep your environment positive and never try to create a negative environment around you. For instance you are failing in any major task and then you lock him in a room and start listening sad music etc. It’s not a positive attitude and not the solution of your problem. You need to focus on your reasons of failure and think about how you can improve yourself in next attempt because, word is never end with one failure you must avail next chance and with more energy and passion. That’s the positive attitude.
 I also face many situations when I thought I can’t do this for instance in February 2016 I was rejected from army selection board. That movement was the worst movement for me from my whole life and I never ever think negative before this. I feel that I can’t do anything in my life and I am a fail person etc. But when I remembering a historical incidence from the life of King Flip the father of King Alexander. Once he was defeated by a tribal army. Once of his army officer says King we are defeated. But the king replied, no officer we are not defeated this is our first attempt just like a bull. When a bull is hit once and going back for second hit to opponent just like that it’s my first hit on opponent now I am going back for start and my second hit is more effective from first.
 That give me patience and courage and now I am in process of my second attempt towards army and I am confident it is more effective and better as compare to first.

Now I want to suggest to all of readers to apply the steps of Shawn Anchor. He is a teacher and wins many awards. He works a lot on positivity. He gives many lectures on positivism especially in difficult situations. He suggested very simple steps to create a sense of positivism in life which are followings.

Ø Gratitude

Ø Journaling

Ø Exercise

Ø Meditation

Ø Random acts of kindness 
 These all steps are very effective and helpful for us if we practice it our routine. For instance if I practice Gratitude in my life it create a very positive effect on my life and it make me humble. We can also try to try exercise in daily just like stretching our body so that our body organs work well. That also left a good and positive effect on our routine life because if your organs are working well your will be healthy and a healthy person mostly have a positive attitude. Random acts of kindness also give us internal pleasure and internal pleasure is more important as compare to external pleasure. Internal pleasure means the pleasure of our soul that refreshes us in daily life.