Startup dream

- What is your career plan?

- Why didn’t you join an MNC?

- I haven’t heard about your company before, what is it about?

- Did you ever apply for a role in a bigger company or you simply could not manage a job there?

- You are just ruining your career, you have no idea about what you are doing. startups don’t last!

Those are just some of the questions that I had to face every day from my friends and family members after joining a startup. While most of my friends were busy getting an internship at big local companies, MNCs or renowned agencies, I managed to secure a position at a startup. When every friend of mine was busy chasing their dream job, I was chasing my own dream. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since the first day of my university life and make something to call my own. At university, the main target for most of the students is to earn a high CGPA but I spent my time trying to develop my skill-set to be an entrepreneur. After graduation, I aspired to work somewhere that would help me fine tune my skills for my own entrepreneurial journey. A place that will expose me to challenging environments, tough job responsibilities but at the same time allow me to work independently, making the most of my tact and sense of judgment.

As a result, I decided to join Harriken, a restaurant discovery guide for the foodaholics. A completely new concept of digital community where food lovers meet and share their ideas via an online platform. The response so far has been encouraging among younger generations.

Among the first things I learned at Harriken is that one of the crucial components of being an entrepreneur is LEADERSHIP excellence. And I am fortunate because my job responsibility requires me to put this skill-set in practice every day to face real-life challenges instead of theories.

Prothom Alo featured Harriken

I am working here as Business Development Analyst. Irrespective of the title, I end up doing everything that is required to get things done. Another fascinating aspect of this job has been an exposure to building connections which is also known as networking. One of my responsibilities is to communicate with restaurant and food business owners and other important stakeholders. This exposure is surely improving my communication skills and expanding my network. “Network, Network and Network! this the most important element to be an entrepreneur” as I‘ve been told so often.

Lastly, the most significant skill I’m learning is the technical skill. My role gives me significant exposure to digital media marketing and to develop proper business acumen. My CEO and line manager give me the entire responsibility of developing online content, designing images and ensuring they have a proper look. Initially, it was a bit stressful but this has indeed taught me a lot and I feel enriched. Hashtag marketing is just one of the many marketing techniques I have been exposed to.

Now I must say why I love the work culture of Harriken. I am really grateful to my organization for giving me the liberty to apply my own methods in completing a task. At times, I am just told the objective and the importance of a particular task and I get to accomplish it my own way. At other times I am at liberty to plan, design and implement my own initiatives. I am at times being made to work like an entrepreneur myself. This seems like it is the ideal place to prepare myself to achieve my future goals.

It seemed like a risky decision for my career initially, but now I am sure that it has been one of the best decisions of my life because I wanted to learn the challenges of a startup company like Harriken. I believe, someday I will be an entrepreneur of my own business.

The way is not easy at all. It is still a forest of unknown uncertainty, but I am determined to create my own destiny. I strongly believe that nothing is fair and easy unless we try to make it fair and easy. The power is within ourselves. We bring it and become successful, but between the start and the success there is always a word CHALLENGE, which I hope to overcome. I will end here with a quote from Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”