Have we transformed our society to its most efficient ways of doing things?

Changing in digital ways aren’t simply saying we put everything online or simply make an app no one needs.

It will require business to transform in every possible way.

It is delivering business differently with the help of technology

It will revoke operations, delivery, checking even the core business itself.

What is technology if I may ask? Where does this thing fits in?

Not the typical angels with wings and brings commandments from God. Um, no no.
Simply people with good fortune whose willing to give crazy investments to good founders and good ideas.

About a few months ago I have this rhetorical notion that this creatures is still missing. At least in Indonesia and probably South East Asia.

Well until I came to a realization, we should be the one who build some awareness. Not many knows about startups and the game to invest.

Where to find good founders and team, what kind of businesses that’s solving real problems, what sort of…

100 samples might have been not enough for 1620 crypto-currencies listed on coinmarketcap (by 9 July 2018)

It nevertheless gives me some snippets on what happened to the most successful and best valued coins.

It will provide answers to these questions

  1. How many of them are actually backed by more traditional funding; such as VCs?
  2. Which country(s) might have the best tokens?
  3. How many of them are actually having ICO?
  4. Do they have relationships or somehow connected to other cryptocurrency(S)?
  5. What year are these best tokens were founded/initiated/launched?
  6. Do they have relations to Sillicon Valley or China on this respect?
  7. How many of them are forks?
  8. Who are the most prominent players in the industry?

Get the small report here. And the data here.

If you find any missing data and/or other information please contact me: zissivasiva@gmail.com

With only Canva list as the only member from Australia inside the unicorn club, the country launches a new strategy.

It is a pilot program by the government from 1 July 2018. Called the “Global Talent Scheme”, provided to close the shortness in tech talents in startups. Countries are seen now racing to get the best talents and to have more unicorns inside the region. The success of many new ventures, not only it will benefit the consumers, it will open up more jobs; finally, to locals as well.

It differs onto 2 streams; one is for business and the…

It had been a decade since a “Rocket” company was founded, a venture built by 3 Samwer brothers from Belgium that rely on the technology advancement of the internet that started to get more accessibility around the globe. It goes by a business model that implements proven working ideas and transfer them into an untapped market in emerging countries such as Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.

Founded just under a hundred companies and hundreds of following round funding are in their track record. They had their IPO date in 2014. Lazada and Zalora were the shining pioneers of the…

IPO vs ICO, make a safe bet before putting your money into crypto-currency and its crowdfunding

Before we even got to the bustling new financial instruments, let’s start with the basic

IPO: Initial Public Offering

What does this mean?

Where a company sellS their shares or ownership, in a form of paper so that ot can be owned publicly by anyone

We gain if the shares go up (company makes profit and/or distributed as dividend) and loss if the value goes down

Before IPO, company need to registered and fulfilling rigorous paperwork and regulation check

Later the stock will be…

22 December 2017

Happy Mother’s day mom, here is A bitcoin

Who wants a return of more than 100% weekly?

-At least that was offered by bitcoin up to this point

25,000% Return on Bitcoin Hedgefund managed since 2013

Read here


Calm down, Coin Base is the biggest apps for this



Check this full guidance on choosing exchanges and more how to. Here!


Here’s how [Although you might need to have deep pocket to buy 1 now (reached $17,000 by December, when this post was made it is around $14,000)]

Example on setting up account on Coinbase. This link

Although the gain is alluring, let’s answer these questions first


IS IT SAFE? Security…

Zissiva Lestari

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