Which one is more important? Skills or personality?

Now, let’s imagine there were two guys coming for the job opening and you were the manager in HR department. Both men were qualified with the job need, however, the one was less excellent since he had the lower GPA, only two certifications and not many experiences. But the good thing was he performed high motivated reasons and goals for the company. The other one was the super-dope person with the good GPA, four certifications related to the job opening and much better education background, as he just didn’t have such passion for the entry to the company.

In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than the potential characters. Some people think the attitude is much more important than the ability; however, the others think the skill is everything.
 I am mostly attuned to the importance of the practical capability since it is the main way for the company to measure people’s qualification. However, according to the research conducted by Purdue University, the success is combined with various reasons. The experience illustrates that the personality plays a critical role in the success.

There are three main reasons why personality is more pivotal than the skills. Firstly, the human being might specialize in the field, but the average people can not have all kinds of knowledge in mind. Take Beijing Olympics for example, the excellent engineering firm, Arup, the firm confronted the awkward situation. When they were building the arena for the government, but they don’t know what quantity of waste to cater for. If the Arup firm tried to ask the probable number of the visitors, redesign the sketch and renegotiate the material prices, it must take a lot of time. The only thing they did was to outsource this case to those who had designed the Jockey Club in New York. The problems solved only in one day. That is because the people in Arup not only with the super-excellent skills but the modest personality to ask for the help.

Secondly, it is only when people accept that everyone has value will liberate the energy and imagination. If the man focuses on the own work, he and she might regard himself or herself as a superstar in the team. This will result in a serious consequence: the individuals who suppressed by the superstar will lose faith and refuse to create the productivity since they are expecting the nest superman to tackle the problems. Without the trustworthy personality, the teamwork will break down immediately. Last but not least, people with open-minded personality have more tendency to learn new things. My mother is an HR in the biotechnology company. She once employed the young, great-education background and high intelligent men as the interns. After three months, the half of them quit. Some of them rejected to take the lower position to learn the hands-up skills temporarily since they absolutely should have the better environment such as sitting in the office or doing some computer-related work, rather than engaging in the dirty, smelly and sweaty machined jobs.

In conclusion, the success comes with the different reasons. In our modern society, many people only concentrate on the practical things such as the education background, the capabilities, and the position. Nevertheless, those things can reach by the hard work and learning processes in the short time. The cultivation of the personality takes the patience, time and love in long term. It is the only people with the passion, the eager to move on and kindness that they can create the true productivity and momentum.