What’s up with this last step?
Sam Keddy

Hello Sam! This is an optional step in the terms of this article. As it says, if you want analytics collection to not to depend on the client, you can implement it on server side. You can click the languages (they are links) and read (in readme) how you can install and use server-side approach. For example, here’s NodeJS Library Docs. Set up this library and use it like this (NodeJS):

var ua = require('universal-analytics');
var visitor = ua('UA-XXXX-XX', '6a14abda-6b12-4578-bf66-43c754eaeda9'); // where the second argument is the user's ID you need to maintain by yourself. Cookies may help here.
// whenever you need to let Google analytics know about the user viewing the pages, execute, for example:
visitor.pageview("/", "http://example.com", "Welcome").send();

Hope this helps!