Again, thank you for posting the thorough walkthough on how to subvert visitors attempts to prevent…

Thank you for staying here for so long. Feel free to protect your privacy with TamperMonkey scripts (or whatever) on any web service, it is your right. In fact, if you block something with TamperMonkey that will only affect you, just one user of billions. And, at least, you need to visit the web service first to make any estimations on “what can I block there”.

Your script example is as strong as doing

Object.prototype.killThisWebsiteAndIDontCare = null;

But, you know, to be completely “invisible” you need to:

1. Cut your user-agent header from each request your browser do.

2. Disable JavaScript and cookies in the browser (back to the multi-page websites with session keys, does they still work?).

3. Use anonymized IPs and channels to prevent web service from recognizing you.

4. Never sign into any service with real data. Admins (just a regular people working in the companies) can pretty much always access your data.

5. Use Tor-like browser only. (and so on)

Are you considering all of this steps? If not, there is no sense in trying to prove me that you can completely avoid analytics collection. Your comments are visible, your profiles are searchable, all the data you spawn can be a subject to analyze, even if you are never telling your name anywhere. Don’t be paranoid, the world is growing, so grow with it and show your bold name instead of going anonymous.

P.S. You know, I do use Tor browser sometimes. I use anonymous VPNs and proxies from time to time, but only when I need (usually to test some stuff). I know what I share to the internet and have nothing to hide from it. Anonymity is something that works against your natural grow. Against your career. Your life.

Be brave.

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