My 12 Inch MacBook

I’ve always used Apple products because they just work. UNIX compatibility has been great and I’ve run docker, run virtual machines, given presentations and genuinely I love the hardware. Most of the restrictions are tradeoffs for security and the real problem is that I have tried having workflows on other systems and tried to switch off of it (I had linux on my MacBook Pro 2017. Below are my most frustrating situations

My MacBook Pro 2017 had some weird problems due to voltage of the CPU. Somehow they misplaced the laptop but they did a full top case replacement eventually…

Navigating the choppy seas of Solidity

This is a guide on how to get started writing Smart Contracts for solidity. To get running understanding how to write smart contracts there are a couple of resources that I recommend. After teaching myself to learn Solidity Lets go into the resources first.

The first resource we will cover is Cryptozombies by the Loom network. These set of tutorials takes you from no knowledge on how to write smart contracts to implementing a ERC 721 token which is best described as the template that cryptokittens uses in their tokens. You also learn how to connect it to a basic…

For fun I used the Twilio API and Clarfai to attempt to identify what is in an text message (MMS) and show you what is in the picture. (note this is a write up that I did 4 years ago that was on steemit and I have migrated it to my blog).


The things you have to do before you can deploy this are the following:

  1. Sign up for a twilio account at
  2. Buy a Phone number from Twilio
  3. Get an API Key

Lets start at the beginning. First we have a set of imports that we need to start using Flask, Clarfai and Twilio. I started by making a flask app…

Lycurgus Consulting the Pythia (1835/1845), as imagined by Eugène Delacroix

Want to make smart contracts that can execute functions based on a predictive model? Do you want your project to be completely buzzword compliant? Well this tutorial is just for you! First off this assumes that you have some understanding on how to use Python, Flaskand Solidity.

Lets start out with the model that we will be querying. This is a Flask microservice that will allow us to create an API that we can call from Oracalize.

First we have a toy model that we will use Linear Regression on. …

The Market Protocol is an safe, solvent and trustless trading of any asset through the use of smart contract technology. In this tutorial we will use their recently released the first beta version of a dApp that allows you to deploy such trading contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. I will also guide you through all necessary steps needed to deploy your own contract on Rinkeby Testnet.

Step 0: Setup Metamask

Metamask is a browser extension that allows your wallet to interface with dApps. Since we will be using the Market Protocol dApp you need this to continue. If you have never setup a wallet…

View of Navy Pier from the Distributed Confrence

At the beginning of my endevour to learn more about distributed ledger technologies I encountered Solidity but then tried to lookup other smart contract languages like Viper or LLL. I was dead wrong about this assertion because really the leader in the space is Solidity and that it is tightly coupled with Javascript. All EVM languages out there are either prototypes or abandoned prototypes . LLL would be useful as a compile target since it is very close to machine code (it actually reminds me of prescheme in this regard).

So this is my second real Solidity program that I…

Companies have a large problem of having their data tucked away or inaccessible to the stakeholders. When people talk about AI / ML what they actually need is their data cleaned to the point where they can communicate to their stakeholders. Also, all of the companies who sell AI / ML as consultants are really good already at cleaning data.

When companies actually hire data scientists what they typically do is clean data for a few months to a year . Then they interpret the data by probably being able to perform linear regression. At that point the data is…

A long time ago on a old transaction on a chain I tried mining dogecoin. I used and RMA’s an RX280 (don’t tell AMD). I mined a few hundred thousand dogecoins with a pool. Then the pool that I was using also closed and I basically got really discouraged after that. Then I wasted it on some stupid Twitch subscriptions. If I had kept all of that doge when Bitcoin I would have been able to sell it now at around $400 when bitcoin was at $20,000 and then I could afford a new video card.

I couldn’t figure out…

I made an application that takes an MMS message and uses Clarafai to identify what is in the image (mms2concept). It was deployed on AWS but I took it down since no one was using it. I have the source code for that on GitHub with the Apache license. [1]

I wrote a blog post on medium about how to think about type one and type two errors and how they related to ML applications . [2]

I wrote another blog post on how to use Quilt (a data package library) to classify flowers using a SVM.[3]

I competed in…

Here we show you how to use Quilt to train a SVM which is a machine learning model using Python and Scikit-learn. We will use Quilt to retrieve the data. Quilt is a data package manager that allows you to easily download and use data.

This tutorial is based on the scikit-learn iris tutorial but is not required for you to understand. Reading that tutorial would be useful to do before or after you have read this post.

Step 0: Setup

First thing first would be to install scikit-learn and Quilt. Quit is described as a data package manager. …

Joshua Herman

Amateur data scientist. Lover of code and data .

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