Career Fair

On Wednesday February 22 I attended to NJIT Career fair for the first time. It was wonderful experience meeting recruiters from different companies interacting with them and getting to know more about companies and their job requirements. I have learned a lot from the career fair. One of the most important skill that you would need to have is communication skill and practicing the elevator pitch. Since the career fair had about 40 different companies and hundred of students you only have about 30 seconds to stand out from all other students and catch the attention of each recruiter. My personal advice is to learn about companies and research about them few days before attending to the career fair. My second advice is to write list of questions that you have about companies some general questions. Also look into companies that you think you are qualified write specific questions to their company and also write specific cover letter for them, make sure you ask specific questions about their companies to show your interest. Finally I think my best advice is to observe other students interacting listen to their conversation, the questions they ask so you can learn more about the companies before you speak to them. Do not be nervous make sure you meditate, there are a lot of people from different background remember you must be unique and stand out be a human being you can also open up by asking how is their day or make up small joke to open up you do not have to be super serious. Make sure you dress professional buttoned up shirt without tie and dress pants, Look sharp talk slowly and clearly do not rush yourself and enjoy meeting new people and talking to them. I really believe networking and communicating with people is an important skill for any developer especially since we are sitting most of the day at home it is important to spend time with people otherwise communication skill will disappear.