Power of Habits

The power of habits is essential concept in the web development world because it help us to stay focused and organized and more productive. I have a daily schedule posted each day on google document and organized into bigger tasks on my calendar. While working on few projects on the same time it is very important to have routines and work consistently. For example I like to time myself and estimate each task breaking it down into smaller components so when I start a project or a task I have great understanding what to do. Later on I like to do unit testing to verify that everything is working correctly. for the past two weeks I was planning on focusing on the UI development of Universifit and I broke it into smaller tasks such as focusing on the CSS of signup page and sign in page. than I tested the app again and found out i broke some other CSS in the app. Therefore this is important lesson that I learned this week to make a habit of unit testing each time I fix a problem or build something otherwise it can break other things on the app.

Our brain behave in in habitual way and that allows us to be on autopilot mode. I really want to emphasize that you must make good habits to choose to be on the right autopilot that will help us achieve our goals. My main goal is to start my own app, once I followed my dream I decided to become a developer and learn skills that can help many others to build and create something that they are passionate about.

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