Navigating the Rise of Generative AI: Unveiling GlossAi’s Transformative Power

Ziv Conen
6 min readAug 9, 2023

Welcome to the third part of our blog series on New Era Capital Partners’ AI assessment framework. In case you missed our earlier posts, we explored AI’s impact on businesses and NECP’s investment framework here and here. Today, we delve into GlossAi, a portfolio company that’s changing the game in AI-driven marketing.

Imagine Sarah, a diligent marketing manager at a large e-commerce company. She’s faced with the challenge of converting an hour-long webinar into captivating social media snippets tailored for different platforms. The struggle to reach the right audience with these snippets is real. This is where GlossAi steps in, aiming to redefine content repurposing and distribution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses connect with consumers. By analyzing vast amounts of consumer data, AI makes data-driven decisions tailored to customer behaviors, preferences, and demographics. For this reason, AI applications in marketing are particularly suited to generate dynamic content with personalized outreach. These capabilities are coupled with workforce automation and could allow for a fifth of current sales team functions to be automated reducing marketing costs¹. One NECP portfolio company, GlossAi, created tools in 2021 that helped usher in this marketing revolution. Below is an overview of GlossAi’s transformative capabilities, and how it fits into NECP’s internal AI value generation framework.

What AI-powered services does GlossAi offer?

Along with the emergence of AI, the marketing landscape has undergone seismic changes with the rise of short video content and the widespread adoption of platforms like TikTok. Brand-consumer interactions are deeply affected by this with one survey reporting that 86% of marketers use video as a content tool². However, manually developing engaging market creatives is an expensive, time-consuming task. In addition, time-consuming advertisements may go unnoticed if they are not properly distributed to targeted customers. To overcome these marketing challenges, GlossAi is harnessing novel AI techniques to repurpose any type of content into advertisements that distribute to the correct end-consumer through the best distribution network.

GlossAi is based on three key features: repurposing, tweaking, and distributing. Repurposing entails turning long-form video content (e.g., webinars) into bit-sized highlight clips. For instance, turning training sessions into white papers or turning merchant account content into synthesized photoshoots. It is enabled by a patent-protected AI engine that is informed by signals such as facial emotions, vocal pitch, object detection, text analysis, and demo recognition to complete video partitioning with the creators’ branding. Tweaking is based on humans interfacing with the software to adjust the generated outputs by adding or deleting highlights, adjusting subtitles, or readjusting branding. Afterward, GlossAi prepares the video for personalized distribution by automatically generating campaigns targeted at specific audiences in optimal marketing channels. The software also uses analytics from past publishings to continuously improve content in the future.

Who are the people behind the product?

GlossAi was founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv by Ofer Familier (CEO), Eyal Koren (CTO), and Adi Paz (VP R&D). The trio worked together at Intel as software engineers, after serving in different branches of the Israeli Defense Force. While Ofer went on to gain business experience at INSEAD and later as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey, Eyal, and Adi moved from Intel to Vayyar Imaging. Years later, Ofer rejoined Eyal and Adi at Vayyar Imaging where he worked as VP of Business Development. By that time, Eyal and Adi had been working together for almost 17 years, sold over 500k D2C products online, and built business units ranging from 10 to 300 employees. GlossAi’s management team has a strong team dynamic, coupled with an unwavering commitment to success. They have largely built their careers side by side and will continue to develop a strong product.

What are some applications of GlossAi?

GlossAi is used as a marketing product for enterprises, marketing agencies, and video platforms alike. Using GlossAi to streamline content editing has led to 55% cost reductions, 70% time savings, and 35% higher audience engagement in its use cases.

One of GlossAi’s clients eToro saw a 40% increase in engagement after using their technology. eToro is a social trading platform that creates daily webinars and podcasts and they aspired to deliver the right content, to the right audience, on the right channels, at the right time. However, they struggled to repurpose podcasts and webinars for social media campaigns. eToro turned to GlossAi to automatically review the content. After each webinar or podcast, eToro managers used GlossAi to generate clips to highlight the content and post on appropriate channels.

Another client, GlobalDots, saved 85% on post-production costs per event by using GlossAi. GlobalDots is a cloud integration partner that interviews stakeholders at conferences to generate customer engagement. To process these interviews, GlobalDots used a post-production service which was time intensive and costly. GlobalDots used GlossAi to reduce the costs associated with post-production service and create unique video content. GlossAi automatically highlighted selected content and generated videos using GlobalDots branding.

Can GlossAi’s capacity grow to meet increased demand?

GlossAi independently trained its AI engine and developed its algorithms in-house. For this reason, GlossAi has a reliable product that isn’t subjected to external development changes. With scalability in mind during development, videos are processed from outside sources but based on an infrastructure that is tuned for digesting video content. Additionally, GlossAi’s business model is based on the video hours digested. As such, the product services use cases range from individual videos to more than 16,000 hours of video per month.

How does GlossAi handle users’ data?

GlossAi upholds a strong commitment to ethical and transparent use of data, ensuring that user privacy and ownership are safeguarded at every stage. Users who upload videos own the outputs and retain full rights to videos generated by the AI engine. GlossAi also adheres to the principles outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR was designed to strengthen data protection regulations and to provide EU citizens with greater control over their personal data. The legislation requires companies to handle personal data responsibly, granting individuals the right to access, rectify, and control their information. To further increase data security measures, GlossAi complies with SOC2 standards which help protect against unauthorized access and disclosure of data. The platform’s dedication to ethical data practices builds trust with users and clients, fostering a reliable and privacy-conscious environment for AI-powered services while abiding by regulations.

What makes GlossAi’s engines unique?

GlossAi gains a competitive edge through access to data from inputted videos, enabling the platform to continually enhance its AI models. Utilizing anonymized user outputs, GlossAi trains its AI algorithms, harnessing insights from multiple modalities, including emotions, pitch, object detection, recognition, and automatic speech recognition (ASR). This multimodal training, powered by 20 different AI engines, empowers GlossAi to generate highly accurate and personalized content. By responsibly leveraging proprietary data while maintaining user anonymity, GlossAi remains at the forefront of marketing innovation, delivering exceptional value to individuals, marketing agencies, and corporations alike.

Can GlossAi function independently of other AI applications?

With a focus on autonomy, innovation, and workflow integrations, GlossAi possesses an independent operational capacity that sets it apart from external influences. By training its AI engine and developing algorithms in-house, the company has full control over its product development. Three pending patents attest to GlossAi’s proprietary technology, ensuring the platform’s unique offerings remain protected and exclusive. This independence allows GlossAi to continually refine and optimize its AI capabilities, enhancing the quality and efficiency of its services. As a result, GlossAi maintains a resilient and adaptable business model, primed to meet increasing demand and deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.


At the cutting edge of the rapidly converging realms of artificial intelligence and marketing, GlossAi emerges as a revolutionary force, automating short video generation and seamless distribution. As the brainchild of a highly skilled and experienced management team, GlossAi has already achieved resounding success, leaving a trail of success across organizations like eToro and GlobalDots. With its pioneering approach to marketing techniques which facilitates cost reductions, time savings, and unprecedented audience engagement, GlossAi has sparked a seismic shift in the industry. As NECP looks ahead with confidence, GlossAi’s continuous strides in streamlining content creation for exponential business growth elevate it in the dynamic AI ecosystem.

¹ McKinsey & Company

² Oberlo, 2020

This blog post was co-authored by John Malloy, an intern at New Era Capital Partners, and Ziv Conen, Partner at New Era Capital Partners.

The authors wish to thank Avi Kapadia, Shira Gershon, Eugenio Sabbadini, Ran Simha, and Gideon Argov for their contributions to the post.