Zivity was a platform whose mission was art patronage. We’d like to carry on the spirit of Zivity by providing you with new ways to support artists and the artistic community.

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Wicked Grounds is a staple coffee shop in San Francisco, and it was often used as a coworking space for Zivity. There have even been Zivity artists that have been employed at Wicked Grounds over the years. I remember visiting during my first trip to San Francisco and ordering a tasty latte that I had the option of receiving in a dog bowl. My overprotected, unaware Texas soul was filled with wonder and awe. They provide a much needed welcoming and safe space for the BDSM and kink community. It’s no secret that San Francisco is expensive, and Wicked Grounds is struggling to stay open right now. They are asking for help and support via Patreon to stay open, and we’d like to encourage you to become their patron. …



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