Universifit Part 3

Designing Sign Up Page:

First I had to think about my mission statement for my application in order to match the design color SVG images to what is Universifit all about. The main objectives of Universifit is to connect fitness enthusiasts to events, challenging each other and finding trainers. Than I had to draw it on piece of paper the way that I want the sign up page to look like. Finding images that I like and choosing color blue because I think color blue is motivating people and it is friendly and welcoming color just like Facebook uses it.

Currently this is the image background I chose for the signup page. I am still working on jQuery animations to add to the content.

here is the about page in which the goal is to connect users to matching partners trainers and events.

I really enjoyed to prototype the signup page the most because this is really explaining what my goals for the application and I enjoy planning my application as well.

Upcoming week I will be planning to add the ability to challenge users and eventually launch it to heroku.

Thank you for reading and looking forward for next week!!!!

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