Hello Heart homepage: www.helloheart.com
Hello Heart homepage: www.helloheart.com
Hello Heart’s homepage

At Hello Heart, we help people with high blood pressure track, understand and improve their health. We are a B2B2C startup, meaning our clients are Fortune 500 companies — the largest employers in the United States — whom we help save on healthcare costs while helping their employees improve their health.

Four years ago, our WordPress website included a blog where we published interesting posts about high blood pressure for our consumer target market.

When we became a B2B2C company, we used the same blog to publish news and post updates about our company, including open roles. This turned out…

For a few years now, the great guys over at Teehan+Lax have been releasing an amazingly crafter, pixel-perfect PSD with all of iOS and Android’s UI elements needed to easily design a GUI for mobile devices.

I’ve written about it several times in the past, both on Facebook and Twitter, but they deserve another post. And another one. And then another one, because they charge nothing for these PSDs, and I can’t even count the hours I saved working with their templates.

So they deserve another one. Here’s to them. <3.

iOS7 GUI PSD (iPhone)

The day has come. And I’m extremely excited.

UPDATE: YES! We have won the DEMO Gods award! Thank you for your love and support. <3

So. Today, at 11:10am PST, we’ll launch Hello Doctor at DEMO Fall 2013. Hello Doctor’s one and only CEO Maayan Cohen will take the stage in DEMO’s Mobile Health session to tell you what we’ve been up to in the past few months, and where we’re heading.

Meet Hello Doctor

I’ve founded Hello Doctor together with Maayan, and our CTO Eran Keisar, accompanied by the AMAZING team (hiush!), and we’ve been hard at work creating this solution that will hopefully change the way…


Since starting Hello Doctor, I got to use tons of new services. Most of them were really helpful, efficient, nicely designed, etc., but one stood out and made envy. Envy of their ability to be so nice, clear and easy to use. Mailchimp it is.

I know I’m not the first to write about them, and I know for sure I’m late to the party, but I just couldn’t resist this post.

Their knowledge base is so detailed, written in an everyday language, easy to search through; Their support reps are by far the nicest, most helpful ones I got…

Ah, San Francisco <3

Entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers, reviewers, marketers… they always talk about how apps and services should enlighten people, but can they break your heart? They sure can!

Now, here’s a story. No names, because I’m not here to criticize, just to tell that story about a sad, sad moment. OK, not that sad, but sad.

There’s a service I’ve been using for a few years now, which I happily paid for because I was satisfied. Again, no names, but it’s a service that lets you forward your itinerary emails to, and they magically scan and extract the details to give you a very organized list of all your flights, hotels and rental car details with offline access on your mobile. Extremely useful when abroad, especially for a…

I’m not a brand designer. Never was, never will be. I do know how to choose the right font and change it a bit to be special; fix kernings; improve curves; choose the right color; I’m even getting used to working with Illustrator as the years go by (not quite there yet!); and of course, I can charge gazillions of Dollars for all of these; but I’m absolutely not a brand designer. Never was, never will be. And I leave it to those who know it so much better than me. Well, guess what - Marissa Mayer didn’t.

Zillions of…

Ziv Meltzer

Co-Founder, Chief Design officer at Hello Heart (www.helloheart.com)

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