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An app broke my heart. Sort of.

Entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers, reviewers, marketers… they always talk about how apps and services should enlighten people, but can they break your heart? They sure can!

Ziv Meltzer
Sep 17, 2013 · 2 min read

Now, here’s a story. No names, because I’m not here to criticize, just to tell that story about a sad, sad moment. OK, not that sad, but sad.

There’s a service I’ve been using for a few years now, which I happily paid for because I was satisfied. Again, no names, but it’s a service that lets you forward your itinerary emails to, and they magically scan and extract the details to give you a very organized list of all your flights, hotels and rental car details with offline access on your mobile. Extremely useful when abroad, especially for a nervous traveler like me. In my whole life, I only traveled alone 2 times, and I hate it. There’s something stressful about it. Too many details to remember, too many signs to follow on your way to your destination.

On my last trip, which was a business one, I spent two weeks in the US. Away from home, from my partner, my family and friends. I literally counted the days till I get back home. And hours. And even minutes. It was a great trip, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

So there I was, two days before heading back home, talking with my partner from the other side of the world about how excited I am to finally get back, and then it hit me. The service misunderstood the itinerary I sent, or miscalculated the time difference between the US and Europe, or donno what. They claimed my flight was in 24 hours, but there were actually 48 hours left. This whole time, me counting the minutes ‘till I get home, and then I find out there’s a mistake, a technical mistake, which mislead me to believe I’ll be home sooner than when I was suppose to be.

It’s a technical thingie. No one’s fault. No one to blame. And they really didn’t do anything on purpose, I’m sure. And you bet I’ll keep using this service because they do what they do really, really well. All services have bugs. All of them. But this one broke my heart. Talk about UX, ha?

I sure hope not to let anyone down using Hello Doctor.

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