Launching Hello Doctor

The day has come. And I’m extremely excited.

Ziv Meltzer
Oct 16, 2013 · 4 min read

UPDATE: YES! We have won the DEMO Gods award! Thank you for your love and support. <3

So. Today, at 11:10am PST, we’ll launch Hello Doctor at DEMO Fall 2013. Hello Doctor’s one and only CEO Maayan Cohen will take the stage in DEMO’s Mobile Health session to tell you what we’ve been up to in the past few months, and where we’re heading.

Meet Hello Doctor

I’ve founded Hello Doctor together with Maayan, and our CTO Eran Keisar, accompanied by the AMAZING team (hiush!), and we’ve been hard at work creating this solution that will hopefully change the way people in the US manage, control and understand their medical condition. In short:

Hello Doctor is a mobile solution that enables you to control your health by managing medical records from multiple sources in one place and providing real-time access to all your health information.

What am I so excited about?

Well, obviously, because we’re finally launching after months of beta testing, fine-tuning and hard work, but it’s not just that. I’m extremely excited about what we’re launching today.

So here’s what we’re launching:

Hello Doctor gives you a complete view of your current (and past) medical condition, and tools to help you understand what it all means. Having a deeper understanding of your health, encourages you to be more engaged, make better decisions and gain control of your health.

Here’s what we (and I, personally) believe can help you achieve that:

SmartLists™. All your medical records at your fingertips.

SmartLists help you easily find every record you’re asked for

Forgot to bring your latest test results with you to the doctor? Never again! Organized in SmartLists, simple navigation options guarantee your records and medical history can be accessed at any time.

Notes. Note everything you need to ask your doctor.

Add notes anywhere on your record, so you’ll always remember what to ask your doctor

It’s time to replace those “mental notes” with real ones! Hello Doctor helps you remember everything you need to ask or tell your doctor by simply adding a “note” anywhere on your medical record.

From now on, your “black-out” moments when facing your doctor are gone, all your questions, concerns, fears are documented right where they should be.

The Record Tagger. Let Hello Doctor add your medical binder for you.

Too many records to tag? Let Hello Doctor tag them for you!

Too many records to tag? Let Hello Doctor tag them for you!

You can add records to Hello Doctor in various ways including taking a photo of a record, adding it directly from your library or importing from Dropbox. Or, you can let Hello Doctor tag them for you.

Using the “Record Tagger”, Hello Doctor adds and tags your medical records for you, making Hello Doctor even easier to use.

So again, why am I excited?

Hello Doctor is the first complete solution for patients to manage their medical records.

The ability to have your medical records anytime, anywhere, and to add notes on records, is an option I wish I had myself when I needed it.

Taking your existing binder, scanning everything to PDF, and sending it to Hello Doctor to get it tagged, organized and always there for you, amazes me every single time I use it myself. I try to avoid clichés, but it simply works like magic.

I’m excited because I know for sure, from my personal needs and from users’ feedback, we’re solving a real problem that real people really encounter. I’m excited because we gathered such a strong team that keeps pushing forward even when it’s hard. I know for sure we’re doing it right because it feels right. And I know for sure we’re just getting started, and there are tons of things to come.

And to the amazing Hello Doctor team — thank you for the hard work in such a short time. It took us only a few months to get from a vague idea to an actual live product with happy users. I’m very proud to lead and be part of that team. Eran, Yael and the whole gang — you rock. Oh, and good luck Maayan, you’ll be a star!

Hello Doctor is now available for your iPad

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