Many of us, entrepreneurs, managers, artists, creators and do-it-yourselfers are sometimes lacking inspiration. Blank page syndrome. The anxiety of a creative routine.

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But there is a place where your creativity can be stimulated: the shower! Wait and see…

One of the most intimate places in the world

In the shower, you are most likely naked and you don’t hide anything. There is no mask, no role to play, no dressing style, no character, no glasses, no shell.

If life is a theater, in the shower, you are finally all alone. This intimacy brings you closer to yourself, closer to the one you really are, without possible cheating.

Yet this is precisely when you are freed from any constraint, in the most complete intimacy, that you are closest to your true self. And that is when you are the most creative. The intimate and uplifting effect of the shower could almost be compared to a drug releasing dopamine. …


Ziyad Bachalany

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