Cat In The Hat

Boredom is a very peculiar feeling and can bring out the worst or the best out of people. In The Cat in the Hat, Cat is on a Hero Journey where he stumbles upon obstacles, which he later overcomes. Sometimes we may try to bring the best out of a gloomy situation, only to unintentionally bring out the worst. In this short story we can see that Cat and his sidekicks Thing 1 and Thing 2 are occasional tricksters. The team causes mischief and chaos as the children try to get them out. We then later see these tricksters as heroes, when they save the mess in the house, which was initially created by them unintentionally.

Cat receives his call to adventure when two kids are trying to overcome their boredom while at home alone. Then come along his companions; Thing 1 and Thing 2, who assist him with his job. It then reaches to crossing the return threshold when Cat and his companions resolve the issue and make their way home. We are also sure that the next stage is master or two words because Cat was able to conquer life in an unfamiliar world. Last but not least we get to Freedom to Live, when the problem is resolved and they can all live freely.

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