My Audition as a Yoga Sculpt Teacher….

Ahhh or shall I say OMMM or Aargh!

Have you ever practiced a presentation and worked tirelessly on it and when it comes time to go live….you go blank a bit. You hear things coming out of your mouth and you say to yourself

Oh No, that’s not what I meant to say.

It’s like having a simultaneous parallel conversation with yourself and the others in the room at the same time. Only one conversation is taking place in your head and the other is actually happening!

Well, that happened to me at…

(Find Your Oasis)

Photos courtesy of LinkedIn and Twitter

I wrote this article after viewing a photo and LinkedIn article of Michaela Alexis. I’m a Michaela fan because she shares timely LinkedIn tips and great content about life and career happenings. This particular post was a bit different, she posted why she shared such a gloomy picture of herself.

Michaela’s why ….past photos looked as if she was living a perfect life (her words) and those photos “were lies because at the time…her job was miserable and her relationships faltering.” The gloomy photo actually captured her authentic self.

Michaela’s vow to herself was never again! (Self-Awareness alert)

Michaela shifted…

Coach Ziz

Student Leadership Development | Performance Coach| Race to Inspire Student Excellence | NFL Alum | Health Fitness & Yoga Advocate| Mindfulness

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