All Constitution Proposals in 1 place.

from Dmitri (MEET.ONE)

From the idea of participating EOS Alliance zoom calls, Studying the first version of Constitution, till the time of creating proposals with the community was only two and a half months. Due this time, I saw how some EOS enthusiasts were participating teams and getting better in governance. We made zoom calls as a great tool to share your vision, ideas, listen to another people thoughts. Very thankful for this educational period for Thomas Cox and Kevin Willcox, Myra for giving good suggestions (EOS Alliance in total). Due to the last calls with Russian community and drafting Russian version of Constitution I understood that is hard to make a right choice, so I got an idea to create an open source document, simple excel file in which we can collect all Constitutions together for better sight, analysis, comparison, and self-education.

All EOS Constitutions in One Excel

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