Part Y— So, you want to study in the UK?
Benjamin Dada, MSc.

One thing most people say about studying (MSc) in the UK is how it is so fast paced and difficult to even do any work because of school work.

But it is also expensive to live here and extra cash is always good (of course).

I’m studying here and up until now, I’ve always ruled out working but this post, THIS POST triggered me and made me start considering that it might not be entirely ridiculous to get a job and its part-time anyway. (Plus extra cash ohh )

And for some reason I’ve always thought about the money forgetting about the experience that comes with working especially in a different environment and you get to meet and interact with different people and all that.

Definitely looking forward to more post with information about how to actually get a job as a student because somebody is taking notes 📝📝

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