Double Confirm is Boring ? — the longer it lasts, the greater it means.

What is the point of Double-Confirm ?

Apparently, Double-Confirm is very, very, very boring.
You may ask: ‘I have done and confirmed my job or work, so what is the point of Double-Confirm?’

In my experience, about 80% of the Double-Confirm does not work.
You will benefit a lot, if you insist on Double-Confirm.

  • There is still a mistake no easy to notice in your work has been done completely.
  • There is someone else`s mistake even he/she said ‘No Problem’,
    because you keep confirming your work relentlessly.

It is real boring, but it is meaningful for everyone!

The longer it lasts,the greater it means.

I felt awkward while I was writing an email for my customer, because of checking it again and again to make sure it is clear.

There is not doubt that I have improved the quality of my work,saved a lot of unnecessary time and avoided a lot of trouble.

No matter what industry you are in, keep Double-Confirm.

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