What am I doing on Medium?

The truth is, as an angsty teen. I used to blog all the time before it was called blogging. In fact, I don’t even think it was called “weblogging” by that point. I managed to build a minor following from complete strangers, and it was fun. My acerbic prose garnered some interest from the bowels of LiveJournal. But in, the decade since, a few things have changed:

1) I’m less bitter and more kind,

2) I’m a more-or-less formed adult with a point of view,

3) Facebook was still “The Facebook” (and I had no sense of social media fatigue), and

4) People’s attention is much more taxed than it was 12 years ago.

I used to enjoy doing this — even when I had nothing important or relevant to say. But after I stopped doing it, I never picked it back up. And now I am re-entering the game, but the rules have evolved. In many ways, it’s an entirely new landscape. Ideas have been bubbling within me for some time now, but it wasn’t until today when I finally decided to begin executing on them.

As a professional (yet, still budding) communicator, I live in the space of brand development. It’s a lot of fun! But when it comes to making a “personal brand,” I’ll admit I am utterly lost, often thinking “Physician, heal thyself!”

Last week, I was strongly encouraged to start blogging, to start molding my personal brand while attending a breakfast workshop at the Washington, DC chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/DC). I was encouraged to write whatever I want to write, and often. As long as it’s all authentic and I care enough to write it, I guess it’s a part of my personal brand. That much, I promise to deliver on.

So here I am — making my adult blogging debut (the non-XXX kind). I will try to publish something new every week into perpetuity. Here’s what you can expect me to yak about moving forward:

· Thinky pieces. I love thinky pieces. The op-ed section is always the first thing I flip to.

· Marketing/Communications Insights. This is the work I do and the professional skill set I’ve been building. I’ll list some lessons learned in the hopes that it will help somebody.

· Data Geekery. I’ll admit, I only dabble in this. But fairly recent advent of easily and universally creating, analyzing, and using data has resulted in some fascinating sense-making. I especially love information visualization and personal data tracking.

· Wellness. Lately I’m trying to make sense of diet, exercise, and planning for a healthy rest-of-my life. I enjoy yoga, kickboxing, hiking, biking, vegetarianism, and Indian buffets in equal measure. It’s on my mind, so I’ll share musings as they occur to me.

· The Arts. I love creatives of all types. I’m learning to sing, I enjoy photography, and there is no shortage of mind-blowing projects by other artists on the Internet. Hopefully you’ll embrace the weirdness and beauty I share (and occasionally make myself!).

So, cheers! See you again next week.

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