Cutting Through Information Overload

Two million blog posts are put up EVERY DAY! What if there were a way to make your content stand out and cut through the noise?

Here’s a hint:

Your brain thinks in images, not letters and words.

When we are communicating with an audience, let’s take advantage of this disposition.

Images and illustrations can certainly supplement any blog post and like we said in a prior post, videos are a great way to demonstrate a product. How can we show an entire blog post in one image?

Infographics are the answer.
This an example of an infographic that communicates a lot of information in just a few seconds

Who: The tendency to understand images is human nature. Keep in mind your ideal blog readers. Infographics are going to be an easier to digest blog post for any audience.

What: Infographics combine pictures, data and words to form an easy to understand graphic. Your infographic should provide a valuable answer to some question that your readers might have.

When: An infographic works for people at any time of the day because the visual nature of it is a break for the eyes.

Where: Infographics should be posted on your website, pushed out through social media and sent to other relevant websites.

How: Creating an infographic is going to take some pretty serious design work, and potentially some hefty data analytics. There are firms that focus specifically on designing infographics and data visualization. You can reduce cost of the designing by sketching out your vision, collecting and analyzing data and writing the copy yourself.

Why: Infographics have a better chance of going “viral” because they’re easy to share. This is every marketer’s dream, but don’t get too excited. Making anything go viral takes a lot of work. You’re going to have to push this heavily to websites with bigger, but still relevant audiences for it to have any chance at getting the thousands of eyeballs that you dream about.

This infographic from NOAA provides nice images and eye-catching words to convey its message

I’m going to keep this post brief, but if you’re not convinced why infographics are a great marketing tool, check out this infographic or the visual version of it!

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