On Writing Regularly and Personalizing Reminders

In my quest to try to make a blog post per week, I’ve thought about how we make goals and commit to them. Science has shown that publicly declaring your goal can make you more likely to stick to it.

I thought about tweeting that I will write a post per week, but what good what that do? I think the power lies in the action. If my followers were to say, “Hey, Zack. What about that post you promised for this week?” then I may be apt to continue writing. Unfortunately my twitter following is rather unengaged and thus none such tweets would be made.

Many apps exist to set goals and remind you to do certain things, but I dismiss my phone’s reminders without a second thought. What if you could set a goal, then get a reminder from a real person checking in? Not a friend that you could dismiss as easily as a notification, but someone who is there to be an unbiased third party.

The interface seems simple enough. It requires setting a goal and a preferred mode of communication. At scale, employees could monitor goal setters in certain categories (exercise, professional development, nutrition, to name some examples) for a few minutes each day.

To tie this all together, I want to continue writing on a regular basis and as a focus for my posts I’m going to write a series of pieces about potential business ideas. I want to quickly outline problems and lay the groundwork for a simple solution. I’m happy to have more discussion about specifics in the comments or via email.

Thanks for reading,