Staying Productive

Since school is not in session, I’ve had some extra time to re-examine my productivity practices. I found a new tool to better organize my inbox and I wanted to share it with you all here.


Sortd, mentioned in an article “5 tools to make your inbox work better” from Product Hunt yesterday morning, is a “skin for your gmail inbox.”

Sortd provides a normal inbox view, and a list view. You can drag emails into custom created lists to organize your to-do’s. That may not sound revolutionary, but watch the video below and experience the ease at which this all takes place.

This has allowed me to organize daily to-do lists such as responding to various emails alongside a long-term goals list. I am constantly reminded of these goals and how thinking of next steps towards achieving them.

Partial view of my Sortd inbox

Even though my email load is light since school is not in session, this has been a wonderful way to stay on task and constantly make productive progress. (It feels good to check things off your to-do list and it’s a great way to stay focused)

You can also create reminders to give you that extra nudge that is sometimes necessary when you have some annoying tasks that just aren’t getting done.

I am not yet a master at the art of staying productive. I love hearing strategies for improving these tendencies, so please comment with some of your favorites!