Why 20k Passions?

A day dedicated to YOUR passions. All you need is an idea, a cause or an interest that inspires you. Find a volunteer around campus or use #20kpassions to get involved!

Why this matters

There is an enormous amount of potential creative energy here that we believe is suppressed. More than ever this world needs people who care strongly and we know there are thousands of people like this on campus. The only problem is, there’s no way for you all to express your passions, aspirations and dreams. That’s why this event is happening. We are bringing to light your truly extraordinary capabilities and ideas.

What happens on this day?

On April 21st from 9am-9pm there will be volunteers in Trabant and Perkins with stations that will inspire. There will be whiteboards, post-its and materials to build things. We will pose questions and get people thinking with prompts like “By 2025 UD should..” and “My dream for this world is..” Stop by these areas to interact with our volunteers and other participants! Physical interaction is our biggest asset in generating buzz and getting others excited about this event.

For those who can’t make it to our physical locations, join the event using #20kpassions to make your passion known!

In the meantime, please RSVP to our Facebook event, share the promo video and encourage your friends to participate.

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