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How does Unsplash help photographers

Recently, an image sharing website released an API that allows websites to take advantage of their database of high quality photography. Called Unsplash, the service is changing the way people view stock photography and copyright.

I am an amateur photographer based in Singapore and I came across Unsplash about 3 months ago, when a colleague recommended me to use them as a stock photography resource. I was instantly won over by availability of free high quality images.

As a budding artist trying to get his work out there to as many people as possible, Unsplash was the perfect platform for me.

In my first week on Unsplash, two of my photographs 'went viral’ and started accumulating tens of thousands of views. ( I was humbled by the validation given to me by the community over at Unsplash.

So why is Unsplash so successful? In the past, photographers were very protective of their shots and treated them as a commodity that generates cash flow. In this Instagram generation where everyone is becoming a ‘photographer’ in their own right, we are seeing the value of photography diminish sharply. In the world of digital cameras and social media, the supply of quality images have increased tenfold.

And as photographers trying to hone their craft, they find it harder to sell their images for cash. Instead, with a strong reputation on platforms like Instagram or Unsplash, they gain a more intangible form of reward that will certainly help open doors for future opportunities.

For the new generation of photographers, it's time to rethink photography and figure out how to leverage new technologies and mediums to hone your craft.

And I strongly encourage you to give away your photographs and your creative works. Have belief that your greatest works are still ahead of you.

Keep shooting.

Thanks for reading till the end, I hope you took something away from it. Do check out my personal website here.