The secret of good delivery!

One chapter in the book I am reading now is called “The secret of good delivery”. While I was reading it I called to my mind one event, which was held in our university. It was a big presentation of startup projects in Kazakhstan. Young businessmen came there and presented their projects to the public. However, this task was not so simple as it seems.

First, they had strong time restrictions. This factor had the most significant impact on them, because they couldn’t concentrate in such small period of time and talk about key things.

Second, it was obvious that almost everyone had problems with public speaking. One man even wasn’t able to say a word in front of the public. He forgot everything he had to say.

In that moment, I understood that public speaking skills are very important. I felt really sorry for that man, because he lost his chance to make his project known and find investors. Also, there is a probability that actually his project was good, but no one could understand what it was about. Therefore, all his hard work is wasted.

That man had a problem with delivering the information about his project to the public. His main mistake was that he didn’t prepare properly and was really nervous. The main thing I am trying to say is not pointing his mistakes, but rather showing the importance of factors that lead to good delivery.

Success of your performance depends on the way you practice and your inner feelings. If your practice is good, your speech is expected to be the same. Also, it is important to stay calm and relaxed inside.