For the past few days I had this question in my mid
what is the best line height value for 14px font size on my screen?”,
I start digging everywhere on the web to know how people calculate it, and I got some interesting numbers:

Line Height

Twitter bootstrap is using a (1.42857) as a ratio between the font size and the line height ( line-height = font-size * 1.42857).
HTML5 boilerplate using almost the same value which is (1.4).

Medium and zurb foundation framework they are using the same ratio for the line height and it is (1.5).

And just for…

Simple css trick

See it in action

Blurred Text

The idea here to make the text looks like blurred and that is pretty easy with only changing two properties color and text-shadow, all what you need to change is the color make it transparent, and the text shadow make sure that the horizontal and vertical values is equal to zero to keep the text in the same position and play with the blur value to get your effect.

text blur

Blurred Image

I’ll will not blur the image, but I’ll make it nearly looks like a blurred one so changing the image opacity as step one, for step two…

OK, Google

ok google, hey siri

Now you can you can activate Siri with saying “Hey, Siri”.

Interactive notifications

Not for UX Designers

If you are an UX Designer don’t read this
just send the URL to your project manager, product owner or even your development team members.

In this article I’ll introduce UX Design term to you, but first I want to tell you a short story:

After the first video camera was invented, people started to shoot their own movies, and it was an easy straightforward process. all what you needed is your camera, a location and some people or objects to film, that’s it. The man who was holding the camera wants to deliver a message so he was acting…

True story

Few days ago

we started to look for a UX Designer to join our team, someone who can do design or at least have the sense of design, someone who can write some front-end code to make A/B Testing and demonstrate his ideas through an interactive HTML mockups. but the most important thing that we were looking for is the user experience design skills, knowledge and creativity. A superb listener who is dedicated and passionated about helping users and really wants to make the users life easier and fun.

We received a lot of CV’s and recommendations for a lot…

Kareem Elansary

Software user experience [UX] and interaction designer, I design ideas into graphic/visual elements not vice-versa.

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